Why do cats get afraid of cucumbers

 Why do cats get afraid of cucumbers

Why do cats get afraid of cucumbers

 If you are a cat breeder, you must have wondered at some point, why are cats afraid of cucumbers in such a strange way? You've also likely seen videos online of people scaring their cats by quietly placing a cucumber behind them. Then when the cat turns to see the cucumber, it stuns and jumps back, much to the delight of the person photographing. The first time you watch a video of a cat being afraid of cucumbers, you might think it's just a coincidence. After watching multiple videos, you may start to wonder, why are cats afraid of cucumbers? We will know the answer in detail in today's article from.

Why do cats get afraid ? 

There are two reasons cats fear cucumbers, surprise and illusion, both of which have to do with the nature and character of cats:

1- Studies have proven that cats suffer from “color blindness”, especially the green color, as they see a dark gray similar to that color in horror films. Therefore, when cats see cucumbers, they see something thin, dark and frightening; In short, she thinks that a snake is preparing to pounce on her. And of course you will run away quickly.
2- The second reason has to do with the behavior of cats and their incomprehensible meanings. Cats love to jump without reasons, so what about if your cat turns around to see something close to it that was not there before? Of course you will be surprised and run away immediately. This applies to her sudden vision of the option.

Why you should never use a cat and cucumber joke? 

Cats have surprising reactions, and it can be funny to watch them jump in the air at the sight of a cucumber. But really, the joke isn't funny when you think about it, at least for the cat! This reaction can cause health concerns for cats.

A sudden jump into the air can also injure your cat, another pet, or a nearby person. They are likely to hit something sharp or break nearby glass and hurt themselves. This seemingly innocent prank can also cause a cat a prolonged stress, and it may take a few hours for her heart rate to drop and she is finally calm.

Disadvantages of scaring cats with cucumber

Although it may seem funny to some, using cucumbers to scare your cat just for fun may cause psychological problems for your cat such as stress, anxiety, trembling, aggression, and other ailments such as vomiting, diarrhea and hair loss, and your cat is likely to run away from you in the end.

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