Why do cats disappear on occasions and holidays

Why do cats disappear on occasions and holidays

Why do cats disappear on occasions and holidays

The disappearance of cats during feasts and occasions is one of the phenomena that scientists of past generations have been unable to explain, and scientists have not been able to find a single scientific explanation to answer this question that has aroused the interest of millions of people.

Rumors and accusations about the reasons for the disappearance of cats also multiplied on the big holidays, as she says that cats see things that humans cannot see because they look at the angel of death and escape from the terrible scene.

Do cats hate holidays and events?

The truth is that during holidays and occasions, cats go jogging and disappear in the early morning to pick up meat, fat, and animal skins in places of worship, and cats wrap around a lot of garbage to pick up skins and more.

There are other explanations for the disappearance of cats. Some people say that this is just a coincidence and it happens at the same time every year, and others say that people are busy slaughtering sacrifices on holidays, so they do not care about the presence of cats.

Where legends and stories invaded the stories of religious feast rituals that the citizens inherited from generation to generation, and perhaps the most important thing that is being talked about is finding an answer to this question: does the cat disappear on religious occasions and where does it go? In response to a question, the sheikhs of endowments stated, “There is no such description in the interpretation of the Prophet’s hadith or the Holy Qur’an, and they added that during Eid al-Adha, there were no signs of cats and dogs disappearing in the streets and homes, and on the contrary, we found cats and dogs in the feast. everywhere.

The truth about the disappearance of cats on religious holidays

Cats on holidays and occasions do not disappear at all, and there is no evidence, impact, source, or scientific research to prove it to you, although many talks about this topic, especially on religious holidays. Talking about the disappearance of the cat on a religious holiday is nothing but baseless talk among people.

Cats on occasions do not go anywhere at all, anyone can watch cats on all holidays and see them with their own eyes on the street, at home, and anywhere, especially since there are a lot of sacrifices and meat, so cats and dogs spread more and more on holidays and significant occasions.

Some interpretations indicate that cats and dogs also celebrate with humans as a day of celebration and joy, but all of these interpretations are wrong and there is no evidence or effect, they are only myths.

The reason for the sudden disappearance of cats

Understanding the most common causes of cats' disappearance helps to find them, so we can allow them to roam in the fresh air and trust that they will return, when a cat suddenly disappears, it means that something has happened that interrupts its daily behavior in returning home, and here are the most important reasons for a cat's disappearance:

  • Cats outside face some dangers, such as the risk of getting hurt by dogs, other cats, predators, or hitting vehicles.
  • Killed her by eating poisonous food.
  • There are organic diseases like cysts, urinary system diseases, kidney failure, etc. When a cat is sick or injured, its instinct is to hide in silence.
  • Sometimes cats look for places to hide, such as high places or under something or on the roofs of neighbors Sometimes cats have to flee to unfamiliar areas, to avoid hunters or predators In addition, some cats can return home once the chase stops.

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