Top 7 secret ways to train a cat to sleep

Top 7 secret ways to train a cat to sleep Top 7 secret ways to train a cat to sleep

How to train cats to sleep is one of the most difficult challenges for many domestic cat breeders because cats are by nature stubborn creatures and do not like to obey except for their desire only, and when they feel sleepy they sleep anywhere in the house. But, despite the difficulty of controlling the behavior of cats, you can train your cat to the sleeping place you want with 7 easy steps that we will know in today's article.

1- Choose the right time

It is natural that cats prefer to sleep next to humans, so if they are suddenly prevented from doing so, you may think that this is a form of punishment. Therefore, cats should be trained on the place to sleep gradually.

2- Choose the right bed for the cat

The cat house should be open, easy to get in and out of, and allow him to reach his food and the sandbox easily and see the place around him because cats are curious creatures if they are placed in an enclosed place that may become depressed.

A high-sided bed might be ideal if your cat likes to sleep under furniture or under your bed, or a round bed might be more appropriate if your cat likes to sleep in round places. For kittens who like to sleep in higher places, place the bed on a piece of furniture or on a cat tree shelf.

3- Choose the right place for the cat to sleep

Choose a quiet place away from noise and other pets so that he is not disturbed during his sleep, in addition to heating the place well, especially if you are in the winter, you must choose a suitable location for it inside the house, so that it is far from the air so that the cat sleeps in peace and quiet.

4- Prepare and clean the cat's sleeping place

The cat house must be cleaned well so that the cat does not alienate its smell, and a clean and warm mattress must be placed inside it, in addition to exposing the cat's bed to the sun so that cat fleas and fungi are eliminated in a healthy way.

5- Make the cat bed smell good

Cats have a high sense of smell, if their bed smells unpleasant to them, they may not be interested in that bed at all. Oftentimes, if your cat likes to cuddle with you, try on your old shirt in her crib. They may find your scent comforting, which may tempt them to sleep in bed. Also, if there is a blanket they would like to lie on, put it in their bed as well.

6- Use rewards for the cat

When you want to train cats in the sleeping place, you should not use punishment at all so that that place is not associated with punishment and their aversion to the new place increases, on the contrary, you have to reward them by providing them with favorite foods every time the cat responds to training and talking to them in a calm tone.

7- Close room doors

When you train your cat to her new sleeping place, you should close her old sleeping place and not allow her access to it during the sleeping period until she gets used to her new place quickly.

Notes for cats breeders : 

These training steps should not be done suddenly, but gradually, especially for those cats who are accustomed to it so that your dear cat does not consider it as a kind of punishment for him by depriving him of sleeping next to you.

Cats and especially kittens respond to different types of training, but training is not a panacea for bad behavior.

Cats, just like humans, have their reasons for not sleeping at night, and these reasons may be public or hidden

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