The danger of cats to children and girls and the diseases they cause

The danger of cats to children and girls and the diseases they cause

Girls, especially adult girls and pregnant women, tend to breed cats for their small size and good looks, not realizing the harm these little creatures are doing to them, but how do cats affect girls?

There are no studies confirming that cats infect girls or pregnant women with certain diseases and should be avoided and disposed of, and all talk about women’s infertility or abortion are statements that are not based on any scientific fact. 

Diseases that cats can cause 

But in general, there are some harms that can cats cause to people, especially children and those with weak immunity due to cats, such as:

1- Cats can cause many stomach diseases such as salmonella, campylobacter, giardia and others, many symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting occur as a result of touching cat feces without cleaning hands.

2- Touching cat feces can cause toxoplasmosis and pregnant women should avoid contact with cats, as the disease can be transmitted to the fetus and cause many birth defects that harm the placenta.

 3- Children and girls can suffer from cat scratch disease, which is caused by cat scratching or touching a scratched cat, without thinking about prevention and safety methods while treating it, and people with weakened immunity or those who have children are more likely to contract the disease.

Diseases that cats can cause to children

Cats are among the pets that many like to own because they make up a fun atmosphere in the house, and are easy to deal with. But otherwise it may cause some diseases to our children and to us in general. Among these diseases are:
  • Conjunctivitis: 

 Conjunctivitis is caused by children playing with cats and mixing with them and directly touching the eyes without washing hands after contact with cats. You may notice in your son the color of his eyes turning red, and secretions coming out of them.

  • Sore throat:

Many cats carry a virus called streptococcus, which infects humans upon contact with cats.

  • Toxoplasma:

It is a disease that affects cats by eating certain uncooked foods or leaving them in some places full of infected insects and transmitted to children through contact or mixing with cats.

  • Viral infection:

These viruses carried by cats are transmitted to children and pregnant women through mixing, which makes the infected person more susceptible to respiratory and nervous system diseases.

How to protect our children and ourselves from cat diseases

There is no doubt that getting rid of the cat is not the best solution to avoiding cat diseases, especially if we own expensive cats. There are other ways to avoid cat diseases while keeping them in our home, and these methods include the following:

  • Avoid contact with cat feces at the place where they urinate, and gloves must be worn when cleaning their litter trays, with the need to wash hands well after completion.
  • Hands should be washed thoroughly after touching, petting, and playing with cats. Cat litter containers should be kept covered when not in use to protect children from coming into contact with unclean litter.
  • Teach children how to play with cats, and not use violence, to avoid getting scratches.
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