Why do cats wink | cats blinking causes


Why do cats wink | cats blinking causes

Cats' body language is richer than we think. In every part of his body he can convey messages to us as we do with words like the Norwegian cat when he sees somebody. However, if we live with these animals for the first time, then naturally we do not understand them. For example, what does it mean to wink at a cat? If you want to know the reason for his interesting behavior, read on. I hope that when you do, you will enjoy it more.

Why do cats wink | cats blinking causes

All cats wink. It does this to keep their eyes slightly moist, which helps prevent them from getting sick. But when they do it slowly, they look at someone (be it a dog, a cat, a person, whatever you think is your friend) and tell them that they trust them, and love them.

So when our cuddly animals stare at us and blink slowly, all we have to do is "look back"; This means that we are closing and opening little by little while gently observing them. This way we will be able to increase the bond with the fur.

Why do cats blink?

But there's another question we haven't resolved yet: Do cats blink? There may be those who think that yes, they are able to wink at them with the same intent as we do, but the truth is that it remains uncertain whether cats are doing this intentionally or unintentionally. What we can tell you for sure is that it might just be a bump or a bug or there might be dust on her eye.

The eyes are an important part of a cat, but they are also one of the most sensitive. If they are healthy, her fur will make her eyes open but not too much, and cats will blink their eyes at a normal rate; However, if the cat suffers from a disease in its eye or something bothers it (such as a grain of dust, a pebble), or has an eye allergy, it can start the process of winking or stop its eyes completely.

If it comes to conjunctivitis or allergies, the doctor will ask us to give the cat eye drops, but if there is a foreign body in her eye, the vet will remove it himself using sterile forceps.

How to clean a cat's eyes

Ideally, use eye drops or saline that your vet has recommended. A chamomile decoction works for us, too, as long as we do it very little because we need it in very small amounts. We need to be very clear that we clean around the eyes, not the eyes themselves. Eyes are "cleaned" only when they are sick, with specific eye drops prescribed by a specialist.

We will need some sterile gauze, eye drops, serum or chamomile. Once everything is ready we will use gauze with a few drops of eye drops, serum or chamomile, then clean around the cat's eye, removing any dirt that may be in the eye from the top (the part furthest from the nose) to the side (left or right depending on the eye) . After that, with another piece of gauze, we proceed to cleaning the other eye.

We will use more than one gauze if necessary, and under no circumstances will we use the same gauze to clean both eyes. It must be remembered that if there is a sick eye, although there are no symptoms for it, then just applying the same gauze to both eyes is enough to make a healthy person sick. .

Why do cats close their eyes?

The answer to the question of why cats blink is not limited to one reason. Some people say there are other reasons why cats wink. The reasons we found are as follows:

Conjunctivitis: Some common eye infections in cats that make cats blink, and one of the signs that can be noticed in your cat or cat that the cat is dealing with an infection is that it blinks constantly and there are some problems that can affect the cat's eyes, directing them to blink and blink.

Wetting her eyes: Some say a cat's eyelid, if it's dry, may blink the cat's eyelid in place until it's fully hydrated to work again, which can make the cat look like they're blinking when your cat is trying to wet their eyes and eyelids, when their eyes are so wet and flickering.

Show trust and submission to their owner: Cats wink at people who feel trusted and loyal to them. It is said that a cat or cats loves to be with you and to have a deep relationship with you, you may wink about it from time to time, cats will wink with love for one or both eyes, and so do their human owners. There are also other reasons such as there is something inside the cat's eye, or there is a bright light.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a cat might wink, depending on the particular situation and circumstances. In rare cases, they may need to be taken to the vet from time to time for periodic examinations of the cats, especially if you have one of the most expensive cats.

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