What are the characteristics of the pharaonic cat

 What are the characteristics of the pharaonic cat

What are the characteristics of the pharaonic cat

The pharaonic cat or the so-called sphinx cat is one of the most expensive breeds and types of cats in the world. And it was previously closely related to religious matters during the era of the Pharaonic state, and the roots of this breed of cats go back to Canada. The pharaonic cat is a pet that is distinguished by its furless appearance. 

Pharaonic cats are considered one of the favorite pets of the ancient pharaoh or ruling families, and the popularity of the pharaonic cat is still increasing to this day due to its unique appearance and lack of presence. For today, we will show you the specifications, advantages, and disadvantages of this cat and how it behaves compared to other cats.

Characteristics of the pharaonic cat

The pharaonic cat has its own characteristics that distinguish it from other cats, and this is what made it attract people's attention to it. Indeed, many ancient Egyptians used this cat as a god they worshiped, and some considered it an elven because of its frightening appearance.

  • Their heads are wedge-shaped with prominent cheekbones.
  • These cats have large, round eyes in the shape of lemons.
  •  Their ears are quite large, have an epilator on the inside, and are soft from the bottom out.
  • These cats have long and muscular necks.
  • The torso of this cat is of medium length and the abdomen is round.
  •  The claws of this cat are much thicker than the claws of other cats.
  • has a furry tail; The fur is either completely along the tail or at the tip like a lion.

Features of the pharaonic cat

The pharaonic cat has many advantages, we will only mention them and the common ones, if we want to talk about its full specifications, this article will not suffice us. Here are the characteristics of the pharaonic cat that made many people, especially the ruling families, relate to it.

Pharaohs cats are docile and playful breeds, distinguished by a high IQ and a close relationship with their owners.

  • Most pharaoh's cats get along well with other cats and dogs.
  • Some people hate cat hair or cat hair loss, so they resort to preferring the pharaonic cat.
  • Pharaonic cats are very social, do not like to be alone, and are quick to adapt.
  • Male pharaonic cats are 25% larger than females.
  • Pharaonic cats do not have whiskers like other breeds and types of cats.

Disadvantages of the Sphinx Cat

There is no doubt that everything has advantages and disadvantages, and this cat has flaws, but do not erase its advantages, and most of these shortcomings belong to him. We will return to you some of the defects of the pharaonic cat related to it.

  • The bald head has no hair at all.
  • Exposed to sunburn easily.
  • It is difficult for him to tolerate cold weather.
  • Pharaonic cats are not hypoallergenic.
  • Pharaonic cats are prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
  •  Pharaohs cats can get skin cancer if they are exposed to the sun for a long time.
  • Weak immunity, smooth skin, prone to many diseases.

What is the behavior of the pharaonic cat

Pharaonic cats prefer to sit high and observe their surroundings, often acting as if they are in complete control of their surroundings. Pharaonic cats are very strong and lively, but their temperament is well balanced. As the cats of the pharaohs prefer to live with the Egyptians, they are athletic cats, they adjust their nutrition if they are given enough space for adequate exercise. Pharaonic cats jump and climb well, there must be a perch in their surroundings, their environment is woody and trees. If not provided, pharaonic cats will create their own seats above cabinets and raised areas. In terms of care, they are easy-going cats and love to be brushed, which can easily become a part of their daily playtime. You can visit the cat behavior section to learn more about cats.

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