Specifications of the Turkish Van cat | the most famous type of cat in the world

 Specifications of the Turkish Van cat | the most famous type of cat in the world

Specifications of the Turkish Van cat | the most famous type of cat in the world

There is no doubt that many are wondering about the Turkish van cat, what is this famous cat, and what is considered one of the most famous and most expensive types of Turkish cats. The Turkish Van Cat with its characteristics, traits and history we will discuss in this article. The Turkish Van Cat is well-known and has a lot of definition and you may have encountered information about it one day that attracted your attention or a picture of it that you saw. We will begin by listing a group of characteristics of the Turkish Van cat.

Characteristics of the famous Turkish Van cat

 A calm domestic cat, unlike its peers, loves to swim and only cares who is allowed to eat and swim. It is considered one of the least fertile cats. He is a cat that loves heights and swimming, and the most important thing for him is eating. Its coat is dense on the neck and scattered over the rest of the body, and is characterized by yellow, sometimes yellow and blue eyes, a pink nose, and short ears surrounded by reddish brown spots. Its tail is brown, but it is the longest tail among cats, its limbs are short, but its front end is longer than its hind limbs, and it is also strong and slightly elongated, despite the loose shoulders and muscles of its head erect.

Traits of the Turkish Van cat

The Turkish Van cat is one of the best cats in the world, as it also had a presence in ancient history, especially in the old Ottoman Empire. This cat is one of the favorite and beloved cats, for its single shape and sharp intelligence. Now let's get acquainted with its most important features and characteristics:

  • The body is slightly oval in shape and smooth.
  • It is distinguished by its agility with muscular shoulders.
  •  He always has an erect head.
  •  It has a long snout with colored tips at the end.
  • He has small ears covered with pink hair on the inside.
  • He has yellow and round eyes.
  • He has a bushy tail.
  • It has a beautiful and very soft coat, it is small in the summer season, and grows in the winter season.
  • He is familiar with home life.
  • Quiet and intelligent.
  •  A skilled swimmer.
  • She loves water very much.
  • Females give birth to four cubs in each cradle and take care of them until they are mature.

The Turkish Van cat is considered one of the oldest rare breeds, and its presence is currently known in the regions of Turkey. This type of cat is accustomed to living in rugged areas, and its largest presence is around Turkey's Lake Van, which is one of the widest Turkish lakes.

The Turkish Van cat had a wider spread in the middle of the continent of Asia, and it is still famous until now in these areas. The Turkish Van cat started to be famous from a British country during the year 1955 AD. Where there was a group of Turkish journalists who were on a press trip in Britain, and they brought him to Istanbul in Turkey, and from there was the beginning of the Turkish Van Cat month.

Tips for caring for the Turkish Van cat

The necessary care must be provided for the Turkish Van cat, since it is not considered an ordinary cat, and it cannot live in an unsuitable environment with less interest in it. As well as in order to keep this famous cat, he likes to sell the following set of tips:

  • Dedicate some of your time to play and have fun with this cat, because this cat's hobby is fun.
  • Keep the Turkish cat from obesity and fatty foods.
  • Periodic veterinary examination of the cat, to avoid diseases and early detection.
  • Keeping the cat's teeth and hair clean.
  • Giving the cat complete freedom of movement inside the house and providing an appropriate environment for it.

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