Information about the original Persian cat

 Information about the original Persian cat

Information about the original Persian cat

Regardless of the different colors of their fur, all types of purebred Persian cats share some intrinsic traits, such as long hair, a round face, colorful eyes and a sweet little nose.

One of the most important characteristics of the Shirazi is that it is a peaceful cat known for its love for humans and its passion for playing (unlike some types of other cat breeds) and has a refined and calm personality. It is a domestic cat that does not tolerate living in the street like ordinary municipal cats because it needs a lot of love and affection, which makes it one of the most expensive types of domestic cats in the world.

Although he is a clean and elegant cat, due to his long hair and thick fur; It needs an owner to bathe it and then dry it properly.

 What are the characteristics of the eyes of a Persian cat?

The color of the Persian cat's eye varies according to many factors, but the most famous colors are:

  • Blue.
  • Copper.
  • Green.
  • Hazel.

Sometimes one eye may appear in one color and the other in another color altogether.

The size:

  • Male Shirazi: about 3.5 kilograms, or 12 pounds.
  • Female Shirazi: from 2.8 to 3.5 kilograms, or from 8 pounds to 12 pounds.

Fur color:

Shirazi fur has 4 primary colors:

  • the White.
  • the black.
  • Gray.
  • Golden.

Average life span of Persian cats

The lifespan of a Persian cat depends on many factors. But, in general, Shirazi's age ranges from 12 to 17 years. But the average is about 14 years. But that's in case it was ever my home.

But if the Persian cat does not have an owner and is not raised at home, it is expected that it will have an average lifespan of 2 to 5 years due to its exposure to many dangers abroad.

About the Persian cat Sleeping :

Shirazi cats sleep more than 14 hours a day, more than two-thirds of their entire life! Which is normal for cats. Shirazi sleep is also very similar to humans. Where studies have proven that Shirazi cats also dream, and this is evident in the vibration of their eyelids and hair during sleep.

The behavior and personality of the Persian cat

The personality of the Persian cat contains some essential qualities that distinguish it from any other breed and make it a completely domestic cat and never fits the street. He does not like to go out in the street like other cats, but rather likes to sit in a warm and safe place. He is never friendly with humans and loves to play with children. And if he's given enough love and attention, you'll find him sitting on your lap a lot during rest and sleep.

The main characteristic of Shirazi's personality is that he never likes being petted most of the time, and if he does not get enough attention, he may become depressed and sad and this shows in his personality and behavior. He is also a cat that loves company most of the time, so it is best not to leave him alone for too long.

The Shirazi also loves cleanliness, and if his fur is dirty, he will be in a bad mood and keep meowing until he is completely cleaned.

How to feed a Persian cat

If you are asking yourself what food do cats like, here is the answer for the Persian cat. The best food for Persian cats is red meat, well-cooked or boneless chicken, boiled and fried fish, especially tuna of all kinds.

He also loves eating some vegetables such as carrots. It is best to avoid feeding him milk constantly, and he should not be fed sweets at all because they cause a lot of damage to him due to the absence of a pancreas in its organic composition.

When do Persian cats mate?

The Persian cat mating season begins at the beginning of the year, from February to April, and then begins again at the end of the year, from October to November.

The language of male Persian cats differs from females in the request for mating; When a female Shirazi mates, she rubs against the walls and the feet of her breeder with loud meows in order to attract attention in her desire to mate. As for the male Shirazi, when he wants to mate, he urinates everywhere until the female Shirazi is attracted to his scent, and he tries to escape from the house in every way.

The mating season of Shirazi cats for the female lasts about 10 days, then her desire is interrupted and starts again after about two weeks.

How to raise a Persian cat in your home

Shirazi should get the appropriate vaccinations regularly because you will not know when your cat may catch diseases.

  • Have a healthy eating schedule for your cat and make sure that she is exercising and that she is moving and breathing well and smoothly.
  • Clean your cat's litter frequently, as this litter may be the cause of his illness.
  • Watch your cat well for signs of her sadness and happiness so you can tell if something is wrong with her at any time.
  • Try to train your Persian cat on the place of the bathroom (the toilet), its name, and when to comb its hair when it is young, because it is much easier than training it at an old age.
  • Try to brush your cat's teeth with a soft brush once a week.
  • Wipe the tips of your cat's eyes daily to remove dirt so that her vision is not affected later.
  • Do not leave doors and windows open because the Persian cat loves to play and may come out of them while playing.
  • If you are going to feed her dry food, buy her the premium type, because the Persian cat's stomach is thin and may not tolerate any other type.
  • Because of their long hair, they should be brushed well after every meal because food can get caught in their fur easily.
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