How do I train my cat | The best way to train a cat

How do I train my cat | The best way to train a cat

How do I train my cat | The best way to train a cat

There are many ways to deal with cats, primarily through play. She loves foreplay, especially touching her chin, banging her head, and massaging the back of her neck, the front of her feet, and her feet. Cats need to be immunized against common infectious diseases such as excretions, fever and enteritis by introducing antigens for common infectious diseases.

The best way to train a cat

One of the most important things in training cats is to teach them how to know their names, especially when eating, and the reason for this is that the cat is a good listener in the eating stage and listens directly to everything that surrounds it. Food is very important for training. This is a reward that makes the cat realize that she has done a good job and that she needs to do more in order to get other rewards.

When starting to train a cat, it is advisable to provide it with a machine that makes sounds of a constant type, for example, a whistle or a click (a machine with a bell that rings with each click). Thus, he can associate the sounds made by these machines with training, without which he will not understand why he is given food, and will consider it just a gift.

Training the cat on her name

In order to train the cat on its name, you have to do a trick and need patience until your cat becomes trained on its name. So this trick lies in the food you provide to her, you must monopolize the food when you want her to respond to your call. In the event that you want the cat to answer your call, you must provide something stimulating to it. And through food, you can show her a piece of her favorite food and call her by her name at the same time while repeating this process on a daily basis.

Teaching the cat to sit

One of the best tricks that you can do to teach a cat to sit is to put your hand or something in front of its face, up to the junction of its ears, and then gradually raise your hand up. The cat will have to put its hind feet and buttocks, and so repeat this trick daily until it becomes a dent for the cat.

Training the cat to go to the bathroom

No doubt that you think that this step is difficult, but it is possible. In order for the cat to learn to put its litter in the bathroom, you must first allocate its own bowl to put its litter on. Then, after you practice putting the waste on that bowl, you must change the place of this bowl inside the house until you reach the bathroom. With this step, you should not place the bowl directly on the toilet seat, but rather place it near it, because the cat will not jump into the toilet seat the first time until it is familiar with the place. After a day or two you can put the bowl on the toilet seat, and with the days you can remove this bowl and the cat will have to put its droppings in the bathroom bowl.

 Training the cat to ask for things

You can train your cat to raise her hands and make her ask for food or something through this most wonderful way, which is to take a piece of the cat's favorite food, and offer it to her, but not directly. That is, you put this piece on top of her head and make her raise her head and make her rise with her hind feet until she reaches the piece of food. And when she arrives you should give her a sign that this was her training. With this step repeated, the cat will be able to order by standing on its feet.

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